The destination has a great diversity of attractions, some by the sea, favoring rooted activities like fishing, water sports, canned fishing and attractive board-rings, others more with rural characteristics, but also of great importance in favor of the county offers.

The Islands

By a short boat distance we find the greatest natural treasures of Olhão, the magnificent reserve of the Ria Formosa and its long immaculate beaches, which introduces an extensive sequence of islands. Olhão is head office and located in the heart of the Ria Formosa Nature Reserve, a net of lakes, canals, salt and sand, separate the Atlantic by a set of islands stretching from Faro to the village of Cacela Velha near Tavira.

Armona Island

The “colony” of Olhão islands … good facilities, excelente restaurants, extensive dunes and endless coast…

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Culatra Island

The island of brave fishermen … essential fishing and genuine Olhanense culture … a charming local island!

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Deserta Island

Immaculate… one of natures most pure and untouched.

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Farol Island

A beacon that marks its grandeur … an extensive jetty of rocks that invites a relaxing stroll, the scent of sea, its breeze and in essence a paradise …

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Fuseta Island

Quick access by boat … a beautiful stretch of sandy beach … magnificent moments … a hidden coast!

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Hangares Island

The island’s small fishing village … and continuity of endless beaches!

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Located in the south of Portugal, the Algarve region, the district of Olhão is only 43 km from the border with Spain, 12 km from Faro International Airport and 300 km from the capital of Portugal, Lisbon.


Olhão da Restauração…capital of Ria Formosa…a city by the Sea…

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Ria Formosa

A Sanctuary to the flora, wildlife and the fjord fertile marshes and a breeding territory to several species of birds, fish and crustaceans.

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A mild climate throughout the year, offering a coast full of magnificent beaches, the diversity of entertainment, make this place a perfect destination for all seasons…

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What to Do

Book your activities with us to take advantage of special conditions. The several existing tours in the Ria Formosa, excellent riverside restaurants, nightlife full of bars, and so many more activities! There is plenty to do in Olhão.

Boat Tours

Stunning Boat Trips… watch seahorses, observe dolphins, get to know our estuary…

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Sports Fishing

Dare yourself… look for new sensations and get involved in the local theme. Fishing sports, catching shellfish… A LIVING EXPERIENCE!

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A capital to the flora, wildlife and the fjord fertile marshes and a breeding territory to several species of birds, fish and crustaceans.

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The abundance of seafood in the area and talent to turn it into absolutely delicious dishes… Olhão is the gastronomic capital of the Algarve.

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Excellent “spots” to dive … experience diving for the first time or explore the best the Algarve sea world has to offer.

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Rent a Bike

Rent with “Stork Hostel” … pedal around the city on an eye-catching parade!

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Provides the entertainment…ideal to prolong the night after a magnificent Algarve dinner … guaranteed enjoyment… great bars for socializing.

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Tuk Tuk Experiences

Tuk Tuk transfers and tours of the city / visits.

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Theme Parks and Activities

Throughout the Algarve you will find a variety of theme parks for everyone… We deal with several options for you at “Stork Hostel”.

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