The city of Olhão is a great surprise. It is the largest harbor in the Algarve and a dynamic fishing town. It is home to some of the most enchanting landscapes in the region and has some of Europe’s best beaches, with magnificent and immaculate islands.

The city introduces sights and sounds that show a life centered by the sea. Fishing has always been the main income for the population and its importance felt within all levels. From the buslting harbor, which once the boats return from sea with an incredible diversity of fish and seafood, has fisherman then set out the catch of the day in the historical City Market stalls.

The fishermen of Olhão are mythical figures and widely recognized for their fishing expertise and cooking skills! The abundance of seafood in the area, coupled with the talent to create utterly delicious dishes, gave Olhão a reputation for being a gastronomical capital in the Algarve. The town’s restaurants specialize in fish, serving delicious local specialties and in mid-August they have their “Seafood Festival”, a popular outdoor event which lasts six days.

What to see

City county district has to show its visitors a vast area of historical and architectural heritage. The waterfront, including the colours of Barreta and the Levante are attractions for its narrow streets and old houses, where lodged the first fisherman from Olhão.

Bathed by the Ria Formosa, the Olhão district, among many other attractions, displays next to this Natural Wonder of Portugal, the Historical Market of Olhão, a meeting point for all residents and visitors to the city. The access to several magnificent islands is really easy and fast by several means of transport. The Avenida 5 Outubro and surrounding roads, in this area of the city, offer a wide range of restaurants where fish and shellfish, as well as the area’s traditional dishes leave you crying for more.

Path of Legends

The Path of Legends is a pedestrian tour that connects five of the main squares of the historical area of Olhão. They were renovated and improved, making them more functional and pleasant for our visitors.

The town of Olhão values its historical and urban heritage. Each square is associated to an original legend, preserving the collective memory of our people.

  1. Largo da Fábrica Velha – Legend of Marim
  2. Praça Patrão Joaquim Lopes – Legend of Floripes
  3. Largo do Gaibéu – Legend of the Enchanted Moorish Boy
  4. Largo do Carolas – Legend of the Big Eyed Boy
  5. Largo João da Carma – Legend of Arraúl

Get to know a mix of charming stories that are part of this city’s identity… walking through the typical Moorish streets in this humble and glamorous seaside town.