Armona Island

The beach is located at the western end of the Armona Island near the “Barra Grande” and a small town of fishermen and shell-fishers. The sand barrier is consistent and very wide, the endless sand dunes extend to the east until the beach of the Fuseta Island, providing moments of tranquility to those who enjoy hiking.

The sand banks along the barrier shape delicious natural pools. Here you can observe the rich and aromatic flora of the sand dunes and enjoy the warm winds coming in from east and the constant fiery beams of the setting sun.

How to find

To get to the beach there are regular routes by boat from Olhão and Fuseta, which take aproximatley 15 minutes through the canals of the Ria Formosa, then you have to cross the sandy labyrinths by the existing treadmill if you prefer to go to the coast or just not walk and stand by the jetty of the ria.


Concession, restaurants, snack bars, mini market, souvenir and toilet, surveillance during the bathing season.