Farol Island

Farol Island also named “Cabo de Santa Maria”. It is the definitive opening of the Barra Nova canal serving the harbors of Faro and Olhão. The Farol Island is also facing Olhão, although it administratively belongs to the municipality of Faro. It is part of the set of barrier islands bordering the Ria Formosa. Farol is mainly occupied in the summer by tourists.

In 1918, during the 1st World War commenced construction on the Island of a Naval Aviation Center designed for war against submarines. Although partially constructed and used, with the end of the war, the center was never officially activated, and now is used as an infrastructure supporting a Navy shooting range.

How to find

To get to the beach there are regular routes by boat from Olhão and Faro, which take aproximately 45 minutes in a pleasant senic route where you can watch the dynamic riverside community on the island. There is other form of transport by sea to allow access to Farol Island and several tour packages available.


Concession, restaurants, snack bars, mini market, souvenir and toilet, surveillance during the bathing season.