The abundance of seafood in the area, the talent to turn into absolutely delicious dishes made the city of Olhão, the gastronomic capital of the Algarve.

It is now indisputable that the cultural identity is not only for goods built like monuments but also by intangible assets – such as the culinary arts that characterize certain aspects of a nation or region and that with the time evolution tend to disappear.

The food activity in Olhão stands out from other Algarvian municipalities for its high contribution to the local economy, also taking a leading role in the promotion and tourism development of our municipality, registering increasing demand indices.

There are in this county, many places where you can enjoy local cuisine, being the “Avenida 5 Outubro” Avenue on the river area which concentrates most of the catering establishments and drinks.

The most typical dishes of the county are among others, the ”Xarém com Conquilhas”, one of the 21 finalists at 7 Gastronomic Wonders of Portugal.

Typical dishes Information

Xarém com Conquilhas
Raia Alhada – Streak
Vila de Amêijoas – Clams
Biqueirões Albardados
Litão à moda Olhão